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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

My First Post-->

My family is a mess ! They walk here walk there and come here come there .
But only some people know how to sit down and read a book . My sis is a good girl so she can go out ........sometimes she can teach me and my bro Ohh...They are going to mess againOhh....what am i going to do now?
also i have a ......i have a boy..friend ya a boyfriend if u are reading i think u also have one too if yr sis or bro like to beat people tell me i can give u a hand But it is not same i also can give u a hand
And if u are the eldest then tell me but if u are the yuongest then don t tell me but if u are at the middle then u also tell me Ohh........when yr bro or sis want the com tell don t let them they are acting So ......Remeber want i say